Setting Document

Below is a bit of history of the world we will be playing in. For the most part, assume standard Forgotten Realms setting in terms of what sort of monsters/gods walk the earth.

Quick list of factions:
The Blue Sentinels – guards of the peace, anything from protectors and enforcers to undercover agents

The Inquisition – old order of arcane agents working in the shadows

Ordos Exultate – the Exalted Order founded to stop the arcane magisterial and their inquisition

The Arcane University – the top school for the arcane gifted, also the center of the Arcane st factions, lead by the Merlin

The Conclave – the seat of power for the various churches and Divine practitioners. Lead by the Pope

Summer and Winter courts of the Fey – while uncommon, mortal agents are used for more delicate tasks. lead by Tatiana and Mab respectively summer =/= good. Note: Nothing to do with Shakespearean fey.

The Free Cities – founders of Stillshore, they are fledgling city states tired of the Status Quo
Circles of the Land – a loosely organized druidic faction that went into hiding during the Schism

The Shoanti Tribes – a nomadic people who subsist in the wilds. Renowned for their barbarian fighters

The Rise and Fall of Humanity
Humans, while the most populous race on Ord, They do not have a nation for themselves. It is said that long ago, the humans stole power from the other races, for they had none themselves. This power lead to the Human Empire to grow corrupt, and large. It is unclear what brought down the Human Empire, but with the fall of the Empire, came the rise of the Undead.

The Thaumic Schism
For as long as anyone can recall, Arcanists and Divine Casters have been at each others throat. So much so that a nation will either worship a pantheon, or it will contain a great university. The Schism occurred at some point after the rise of the Undead Scourge. a group of Arcanists devised a plan to stop the Undead, a plan that will forever be called the Great Sin. A Sorceress, whose name has been lost to history, used her knowledge of the Weave to Kill and Usurp the god of the dead. She is now known by a new title: The Raven Queen

Frightened and appalled by the display, the religious orders of the world went to war against the Arcanists. Nations were ripped apart by the Schism as the two factions fought for survival and dominance. The churches of the world managed to burn the Great Library, losing much of recorded history. After decades of turmoil, a group of loosely organized city states organized the Arcane Inquisition. The Inquisition searched and hunted down Divine practitioners in the name of revenge.

Peace Achieved
Centuries of war continued. The Divine Nations and the Arcane nations were at a standstill. So destructive was their war that there are places where magic runs wild, or does not work at all. In an effort to stop the destruction, the Armistice of Calcipher was signed. It was imbued with both Arcane and Divine magic that would sunder the continent if it was ever broken. Part of the Armistice was the formation of the Arbites. The Arbites settle differences between the Divine Nations and the Arcanist Nations. The Arbites dole out justice through an order of Knights known as the Blue Sentinels. The Blue Sentinels both protect the Armistice of Calcipher and serve as the militant arm used to put down anything that threatens the Armistice.

The Civilized lands were conquered over many centuries. Some of the longer lived races remember when the final ruins were cleared, and the last caves were mapped. The world was by no means safe, but adventuring became redundant. With the world saturated with powerful adventurers, many countries used Adventurers as mercenaries. To combat this, the nations banned adventurers.

Brave New World
Seafarers in search of new trade routes discovered a new continent far to the west of the Free Cities. The original explorers were not able to map the continent. They did discover a large gulf leading to a large lighthouse-like structure they named “The Tower of Flame”.

Several members of the Free Cities, as well as an Arcanist and a Divine, met in secret to plan founding a city underneath this Tower of Flame. The town was to be truly independent, outside the grasp of both the Church and of the Arcanists. Both would have representation, but neither would control the city proper. The call for Adventurers sounds once again!

Setting Document

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