Rumor Board

This is the Official Rumor board for The Wandering Prince Tavern. Listed below are rumors and locations that need exploring:

Active Quests

  • Goblins have been seen in organized groups to the West. Find out why that is happening and clear out any camps. Seek Knight Commander Tsorig for details.
    (Both Erik & Aaron-as-GM options here)
  • A rampaging bear has been tearing out Hunter’s traps with uncanny precision. Find and kill this animal. Seek Agatha at the Wandering Prince for information
  • Adventurers (npc) lost! Agatha sent a party of adventurers to find a wayward Druid and have not been heard from since.
  • Something is poisoning the river! The river running just south of Stillshore is turning up an unsusual number of dead fish. Plant life on the banks are dying as well. This should be investigated.
  • Rappan Athauk has been discovered near Harromhag. The dungeon can be entered from the Mausoleum or through the Mouth of Doom (Aaron as GM)
  • A Blight has begun to the SouthWest. The source is fey-mushrooms. Two Mycanoids have given a choice to “activate the metal” or to destroy it
  • Refugees from Harromhag wish to depart Stillshore by boat. An escort is requested to keep them in line.
  • A group of archeologists wish to investigate rumors of a ruined town with strange buildings to the southwest on the river. An escort is requested.

Side Quests

  • Ghom the Smith is seeking a source of Iron to keep up with demand. Any mines or deposits found while adventuring will be compensated with armor or weapons.
  • The local Druid Circle is searching for a Place of Natural Power. Adventurers finding one on their travels will be rewarded with a spell scroll of second level of their choosing. Speak with Magnus Maximilian for details
  • A previous group of adventurers discovered a dungeon a days walk to the North, a few miles NorthWest of the obelisk along the Ruined Road.
  • One of the three known colonies, Harromog, has gone completely dark. A miasma has fallen over the town. Rumors point to Rappan Athauk as the cause
  • A Troll dressed in purple robes is terrorizing the countryside. Any adventurer who slays the beast will receive 150 gold

Rumored Adventures

  • There is a temple a day to the NorthWest that has had disturbing noises coming from it. A strong group of adventurers should investigate.
  • The last known location that Velstadt left for is 3 days travel SouthEast. He only said he was going to a Sunken City he found there. He did not Return.

Completed Quests

  • The City Watch desires to build a watchtower to the north along the Ruined Road. Escort the builders and protect the Tower during construction. Seek Knight Commander Tsorig for details.

Rumor Board

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