People and Places of Stillshore

People of Stillshore:

Knight Commander Tsorig:

Stern no nonsense Captain of the StillShore guard. Where the Tower of Flame protects the settlement from monsters, the Knight Commander protects from criminals and bandits. Tsorig will stop at nothing to put an end to crime and treason within StillShore.

Agatha the Barkeep:

The motherly owner of the Wandering Prince. Kindly allows adventurers to mark her tables with maps of the surrounding area. Tends to mother the adventurers.

Magnus Maximilian:

The resident Wizard Extraordinaire. Provides Arcane Services such as selling spells, identifying magic items, and translating languages.

Brother Maynard:

Local Cleric of Torm. Wiry and distracted, providing Divine services such as Restoring, Reviving, and Lifting Curses.

Blacksmith Ghom:

Local Blacksmith. Provides smithing services.

One-eyed Pete:

A purveyor of… less than savory items. Contact for underworld resources. Strangely, still has both of his eyes.

Mayor Fensira:

A stately Dragonborn who was selected to run the city on behest of the the Free Cities. A fair ruler who dislikes Adventurers.

The World of West Marches:


A city founded by the Free Cities. Built on the ruins of another civilization under a great tower of flame. The Tower protects the town from monsters. Located on the tip of the Endless Gulf.


Located to the south of the Endless Gulf and founded at the same time as Stillshore, Freeport did not have the luxury of protection from monsters. Due to being easier to reach by boat, pirates have taken root here.


The third and final colony to be established in the West Marches. Harromag went quiet a few years after being built. Located on the northern shore of the Endless Gulf.

People and Places of Stillshore

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