The Savage Lands

Bran Friar: The Cry you trust in Local News

5 days pass. All adventurers who went into the Sunless Citadel receive 1008 EXP. It seems small parties who kill a lot of things get a lot of exp.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Troll Menace is no more! The bounty for the purple robed troll has been collected by several adventurers!

The glow int the northwestern forest seems to have changed colors from a sickly green to a menacing purple. No word on any foul creatures from that area.

Refugees from Harromhag are becoming restless awaiting travel to Freeport. Knight Commander Tsorig is offering 10Gp a day to assist in keeping order. Apply at the Knight Commander’s Office. (Downtime activity. Active from this posts’s in game date till the refugees leave for FreePort. It will take all of your downtime for that period.)

Word on the street is Blacksmith Ghom has come across a new material. Not much is known about it yet, but Ghom promises it will be “Useful to adventurers”. Strong praise coming from a man who seldom talks.

This Town Cry is brought to you by the WagonWrights: Bringing the Civilization to you!

Message from the DM:

Sorry for the late post. I was in yellowstone all week and had my exp information at home. I hope this special downtime event will help people along who haven’t come up with some other downtime activity.


Tensen will help with the Knight Commander Tsorig. He has a name like hers, so it’s OBVIOUS that Sylvanus wants her to help him with he refugees.


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