Shoanti Barbarian


Spills-Blood-On-Fire received his name with his first tattoo.

The Sun Clan’s coming-of-age ceremonial run had gone badly awry: a freak windstorm
turning an ordinary brush-fire into a raging inferno that spread for miles in all directions.
What was a ‘fair’ trial to suss out a Shoanti’s merit had become an inescapable death trap.

…but Spills-Blood-On-Fire…did not die.

The tribe found him at the heart of the burn zone, still smoking, and curled up in a dry
riverbed. Though all marveled how he lived, it was only by the barest margins he was
accepted as actually passing the trial. Thus, his name carries both awe and mild suspicion to
the Shoanti to this day.

Spills-Blood-On-Fire proved himself a capable warrior, and loyal tribesman, but there was
always some lingering doubt left from his ordeal on the planes… “Was he actually proven all
those years ago? What if he’s just been pretending?” “I saw his eyes reflect red in the
moonlight!” The tribe quietly began to ostracize this young brave.

Sensing a pariah’s future, the tribe’s shaman abruptly announced one night that Spills-
Blood-On-Fire was to leave. “A pilgrimage!” the old seer had said… “Do not return, until you
have attained honor sufficient to strike the darkness plaguing your soul!” Without ceremony
or farewell, Spills-Blood-On-Fire was set on the open road to wander.

It’s been five years.

Spills-Blood-On-Fire has grown stoic, and mighty. Still, doubt clings to his heart, and sleep
remains difficult. He wonders if he will ever catch opportunity to prove his worth.

A fateful morning, he happened upon an oncoming caravan waylaid by bandits. They
quickly revealed their cowardice, fleeing after only half of their number died to hammer

The caravan’s owner (Traveling Ted), wringing his hands in gratitude, offers Spills-Blood-On-
Fire supper and a space by the fire as thanks. Parting in the morning, Ted comments about
brand new land had just been discovered across the sea. This land provided supposedly
endless opportunity for, erm…violent heroics, should one be interested…

…then Spills Blood was alone again.

He stares, immobile, and ponders the road.

After several minutes, he begins walking toward the coast…


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