The Savage Lands

Bran Friar, Town Crier

Two months pass, taking the season to Summer.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Town of Harromhag is no more! Refugees flood the northern road, stopping at the newly constructed guard tower before entering Stillshore. Peasants spin tales of a incapacitating miasma flooding the town, and dark apparitions coming out at night. Demand for ships is so high that a call to adventurers are in effect to escort a large vessel to Freeport.

Rumors of a dungeon called Rappan Atauk has been discovered by citizens of Harromhag, stating riches beyond measure exist in its depths. I have been told to inform any adventuring party interested to NOT go down the well.

In other news, a Troll dressed in purple robes is terrorizing the countryside. Any adventurer who slays the beast will receive 150 gold!

Tree like creatures are sprouting more often in farmer’s fields and destroying them. Any adventurer who stops this incursion and submit to a zone of truth for verification will receive 500 gold!

The poisoned river is no longer dangerous thanks to the efforts of several brave souls. An archaeological expedition requires escort to examine the strange structures discovered there.

This Town Cry is brought to you by the WagonWrights: Bringing the Civilization to you!

Message from the DM:

Hey guys! So I am starting a series where Bran Friar, Town Crier updates people on the goings on in town, as well as new quests that have opened up. Adventure rumors will appear in bold. This way, as time passes, everyone can get a chance to watch what they have done change the world!



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