Aaron's Inspiration

Lastly, I’m going to run with a modified inspiration system, courtesy of the Angry GM. This is how it works:

Every player attempting the main dungeon will receive Inspiration upon entering.

If you have Inspiration, you may spend it at any time to perform an “Inspired Action”, provided that action somehow ties into one of your character’s personal characteristics.

For example: If your “Ideal” is “I’ll do anything to save a person in danger” and you want to swing across a ravine to rescue someone about to plummet, that fits. You can claim an Inspired Action.

An Inspired Action allows you to gain advantage on an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw OR you can give advantage to someone else’s ability check, attack roll, or saving throw (provided you are in a position to assist them in some way).

Alternatively you can impose disadvantage on someone else’s ability check, attack roll, or saving throw (provided you are in a position to hinder them in some way)

Whatever it is, the Inspired Action MUST somehow connect to one of your personal characteristics.

When you don’t have Inspiration, you may “Claim a Setback” to gain Inspiration. To Claim a Setback, you must impose disadvantage on one of your own ability checks, saving throws, or attack rolls based on one of your Personal Characteristics. (Or in special cases, make a decision that creates significant story setback, obstacle, or hindrance)

When you want to Claim a Setback, simply ask the GM. For example: “I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, so I’m distracted by the giant pile of treasure. Can I Claim a Setback and take disadvantage on my saving throw against the dragon’s breath?” Or, “This guy wants to help us, but I distrust all strangers. I’m going to be rude and accusatory of him. Can I Claim a Setback for that?” And then the GM might have the stranger refuse to help, or get offended, or start a fight. Whatever.

The reason for this modified system is to create a strong connection between the Inspiration bonus and the actual actions made. I want to incentivise roll-play directly, not reward acting that I personally find amusing. (Because that dynamic is rather “ew”) This also handily incentivises players to create PCs with character traits that will actually affect the game.

See you out there!

Aaron's Inspiration

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