Aaron's GM Blurb

Howdy folks!

My name is Aaron, and I’ll be helping out with GMing certain sections of this West Marches campaign. I rather look forward to seeing how this brave new world turns out!

Specifically, while Erik is prepping a sprawling continent for epic exploration, I’ll be focusing in on a single patch of land a mere hundred miles across. This little patch is just a blip on the world map, but is home to a uniquely famous dungeon complex of fantastic vertical scale. (If it wasn’t such an unpleasant place, it’d be a world wonder candidate)

As Erik explained in his player blurb, we’ll be expected to map out our expeditions overland if we want to keep track of where everything is. I recommend players to do the same while exploring my little corner of the map, as the layout is densely convoluted.

Some things to keep in mind for this content:

Except for “one-shots” I’ll run sprinkled throughout the continent, the main chunk of adventure I’m preparing is a single continuous “hardcore dungeon crawl”.

This may not mean much to new players, but think of dank underground environs full of devious traps, curses, annnd maybe a few monsters. The flavor (especially at low levels) is one of incredible risk/reward potentials, where the overly curious often meet untimely ends and/or exceptional treasure.

Do not pick uncertain fights. (I try to not distinguish between NPCs and monsters) Most of the intelligent creatures have friends, and will band together and actively hunt down perceived threats. Scouting, stealth, and backup plans will win the day.

I’ll be developing the setting and planning encounters prior to the session being run. As in the overworld, there will be no level-adjustment for explorers. That said, I promise to run the encounters “as prepped”. You will get a consistent experience, if not an easy one. ^^

Aaron's GM Blurb

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