The Savage Lands

Bran Friar: The Cry you trust in Local News

5 days pass. All adventurers who went into the Sunless Citadel receive 1008 EXP. It seems small parties who kill a lot of things get a lot of exp.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Troll Menace is no more! The bounty for the purple robed troll has been collected by several adventurers!

The glow int the northwestern forest seems to have changed colors from a sickly green to a menacing purple. No word on any foul creatures from that area.

Refugees from Harromhag are becoming restless awaiting travel to Freeport. Knight Commander Tsorig is offering 10Gp a day to assist in keeping order. Apply at the Knight Commander’s Office. (Downtime activity. Active from this posts’s in game date till the refugees leave for FreePort. It will take all of your downtime for that period.)

Word on the street is Blacksmith Ghom has come across a new material. Not much is known about it yet, but Ghom promises it will be “Useful to adventurers”. Strong praise coming from a man who seldom talks.

This Town Cry is brought to you by the WagonWrights: Bringing the Civilization to you!

Message from the DM:

Sorry for the late post. I was in yellowstone all week and had my exp information at home. I hope this special downtime event will help people along who haven’t come up with some other downtime activity.

Bran Friar, Town Crier

Two months pass, taking the season to Summer.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Town of Harromhag is no more! Refugees flood the northern road, stopping at the newly constructed guard tower before entering Stillshore. Peasants spin tales of a incapacitating miasma flooding the town, and dark apparitions coming out at night. Demand for ships is so high that a call to adventurers are in effect to escort a large vessel to Freeport.

Rumors of a dungeon called Rappan Atauk has been discovered by citizens of Harromhag, stating riches beyond measure exist in its depths. I have been told to inform any adventuring party interested to NOT go down the well.

In other news, a Troll dressed in purple robes is terrorizing the countryside. Any adventurer who slays the beast will receive 150 gold!

Tree like creatures are sprouting more often in farmer’s fields and destroying them. Any adventurer who stops this incursion and submit to a zone of truth for verification will receive 500 gold!

The poisoned river is no longer dangerous thanks to the efforts of several brave souls. An archaeological expedition requires escort to examine the strange structures discovered there.

This Town Cry is brought to you by the WagonWrights: Bringing the Civilization to you!

Message from the DM:

Hey guys! So I am starting a series where Bran Friar, Town Crier updates people on the goings on in town, as well as new quests that have opened up. Adventure rumors will appear in bold. This way, as time passes, everyone can get a chance to watch what they have done change the world!

Penelope Rosewater's Field Report

News has been floating around town that the plant and fish-life around the river to the south have been dying at an unusual rate. My initial hypothesis was poisoning. Someone, or something, has been slowly poisoning the river. I decided to find other adventurers at the local tavern to aid me in finding the source. That is where I met Florbert, Tensen, and Carric.

The four of us traveled south to the mouth of the river, where we found some very dead, very bloated fish. Our only option was to travel west, up the river. After an hour of travel, Carric (one of the towns newest Druids) spotted a small island in the middle of the river. I was carrying too many important documents to dunk myself into the water and Tensen’s heavy armor would have prevented her from traveling across it as well. Florbert and Carric were more than capable of investigating the island without us. The two men returned with the assumption that the island held an old, abandoned, and dilapidated ruin. They also brought with them a set of vials with red liquid inside. My vast intelligence and knowledge of such things determined them to be healing potions. However, no other clues were discovered at the ruins. Unfortunate.

We traveled another three miles upstream before we discovered a bank filled with mushrooms. These were not normal mushrooms, however. They were unusually sized, shaped, and colored. Florbert, who’s pact with a powerful fey creature (I’ve yet to determine whether or not this will prove to be dangerous to us, more study on this creature is required) surmised that the mushrooms were actually from the Fey Wilds. He was told by his patron (again, I can only stress caution when dealing with such creatures) to eat the mushrooms. Before doing so, Carric used magic to determine that only some of the mushrooms were, in fact, poisonous. I decided to pick some of the mushrooms and place them in Tensen’s bag for further study when I returned to town.

Tensen, who I should probably note has a devout relationship with the god Sylvannas, used her powers to sense the presence of undead creatures only a half-mile to our west. The presence of undead is never a good sign, so we went off to investigate. We discovered a mound, and I found the pit leading into it. We travelled down into the pit and found piles of bones and more fey mushrooms. Nothing appeared to be alive, so I decided to get a closer look at these bones. Unfortunately, they were in fact, undead creatures which turned to life and attacked us. We did manage to fend them off, but at a great toll to our health and resources. After the fight, I rummaged through the bones and mushrooms to find only a strange, offensive-looking vial of liquid. Exiting the mound, we decided to take a short rest to recharge some of our resources. However, during our something very strange happened to us.

I can only report what Tensen told us had occurred as I don’t remember a thing. It appears that Flobert, Carric, and myself fell into a rather vivid hallucination where we thought we were someone we very much were not. Again, I do not remember a thing, however – ever seen that moment, I get a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I see a sharp sword.

We continued up the river, but night was drawing close. We decided to make camp for the evening. It was determined that I would be taking the second watch. Before time for my watch, however, I was awoken by Flobert. He told me he had seen something large and serpent-life swimming in the river. At first, I thought it was only his imagination (or worse yet, some kind of manifestation of his pact with the fey creature,) but I could see the sincerity in his words. So, during my watch, I paid close attention to the river for any signs of this creature. Sure enough, I saw something large and serpent-life in the river.

My curiosity got the better of me. What was this strange creature? Weighing the outcomes, I decided that I would risk getting closer so I could get a better look. I inched closer and closer and could see it looking right at me. It was now-or-never. I shouted at it, demanding it tell me what exactly it was. Much to my surprise, it responded. As it turns out, the creature was a Naga named Thanator. He was the sole guardian of some abandoned temple. He said he was summoned by the Yattaren (Does this name mean anything to anyone?) He gave me some valuable information. These mushrooms are caused by a blight that has been growing for the last fifteen years. And the river has been slowly poisoned by the mushrooms growing in a nearby town. I asked if he would be able to provide us with any aid while we assault the town; he told me to return tomorrow with my party and he would bestow a blessing on us.

In the morning, I brought the party down to the river; and true to his word, Thanator gave us a boon in the form of a word of power. We set out towards the town. As we traveled down the river, we noticed dark clouds formed in the sky. A bend in the river lead to a dark forest with large, forty-food mushrooms growing inside it. These mushrooms were spewing dark spores, which formed these clouds. I am making note of this forest, as it is not our destination, but destroying the mushrooms is of the upmost importance (as you will understand when I reach the conclusion of this report.)

We arrive just outside the town, where another one of these giant mushrooms grew. The town was covered in mushrooms. The buildings, the ground, everything. Grouped around the giant mushroom stalk, were a dozen or so creatures which also seemed to grow mushrooms on their bodies. We needed to destroy that stalk, as I hypothesized it was causing the poisoning. I started by setting one of the houses on fire and leading the creatures to the rest of my party. They followed and a fierce battle raged. In the end, we emerged victorious again and started using magic to bring the mushroom down.

After the mushroom finally fell, we decided to take a closer look at a rather interesting-looking building. It was covered in strange metal clockwork objects. At the center of the door was a large metal skull symbol. While investigating the door, we were approached by two mushroom people. They spoke only through mental messages. I’m assuming with some type of spore induced telepathy. It appears that two different clans of these creatures are at odds with each other. One of these clans are causing this blight in order to free themselves from the control of the other. We were unable to come up with a solution to this problem, but if these mushrooms are causing damage to our world, we cannot allow it to continue to thrive. More investigation is needed.

Poisioned River

3 days have passed since the adventurers sought the source of the River’s poisoning.
The Adventurers gain 380 exp

The following is an image sketched by Tensen:

Something is poisoning the river!

Something is poisoning the river! The river running just south of Stillshore is turning up an unsusual number of dead fish. Plant life on the banks are dying as well. This should be investigated.

I have decided that new plot developments and sidequests will have a little blurb on the adventure log as well as being added to here: Rumor Board

Adventurers return

4 days have passed and the adventurers have returned home. 305 xp is awarded to the adventurers

Field Report for 05/28/2017
Returning to the Citadel

Field Report
I, Narrakas Rassalis hereby report the following to be true to the extent of my understanding;

The group in question consisted of the following town members;
Narrakas Rassalis
Regina Loxley
Matilda “Tilly” Tosscobble
Tensen Ursari
Aegon Mellyl

It began mundanely enough, but a twist of fate brought our party into contact with a strange little creature named Meepo. He was an outcast and pitiful creature, but could secure our peaceful approach to the leader of his clan, Ysdarrel.
Ysdarrel was a shrewd and clever leader. She demanded that we return the White Dragon that they had lost to the goblins. I was loath to honor her requests, but was uncertain as to the size of her total clan. It was possible that they could overwhelm us and strike us down before we had a chance to react. I felt that recon would be better served alive than valor served dead.
We agreed to investigate but when we discovered that they had some goblin prisoners, a plan formulated within our party. While distracting Ysdarrel, we would release the goblins and allow them to do what came naturally to them.
Amid the chaos, my fellow party members were able to “acquire” some of Ysdarrels trophies, including a key that allowed us access to the locked Dragon door. We beat a hasty retreat in the confusion, securing closed the doors behind us.
Once we felt ourselves secure, a number of the party scouted ahead while I maintained a rear defensive position. The next few minutes are rather muddles, as there seemed to be a strong power trying to force us to leave the citadel, but we were able to persevere.
We found a strange chamber, with elven statues and a spiked pit blocking the way to a new chamber. Our rogues were clever folk indeed though, and found a back passageway into the chamber. We stumbled upon a poem of some sort, stating;
"Dragon priest buried alive for transgressions of the law, Still remains the honor of his position”
…or some such. Within the chamber across the spiked pit, we found a sarcophagus being protected by a strange little creature. It attempted to waylay us in our duties, but was dispatched.
Examining the sarcophagus, we found it was locked shut. In an attempt to gain answers, we unlatched it and looked inside. We were shocked to find a troll in priestly garments and he seemed none too happy to see us. We were able to force the lid closed and latched again, and felt that at this time, we had overstayed our welcome.
From there, we returned home. Nothing else to report.

Narrakas Rassalis


Time passes

11 days pass and adventurers return.

Passage of Time

5 Days have passed since the adventure has begun. (The last adventure took 5 days)

The purpose of this post and other posts like this is to keep track of how many days have passed, as well as filling out my own “GM Only” section. I want to keep track of how many days pass during the campaign so people can do “Downtime Activities”. I will post a wiki link for house rules and guidelines for how downtime will work. A quick overview is that every adventure occurs one after another. The day a party returns from the field is when another leaves. This guarantees continuity, and allows players to craft, politic, or otherwise seek after their own goals.

We have a few options for resolving Downtime, we can resolve it in a play-by-post fashion where we can do some role play to play out scenes, or sometime before your characters next session, describe what you want to do, and I will message a result. I personally like the play-by-post. I can make a forum page to assist with that.

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