The Savage Lands

Passage of Time

5 Days have passed since the adventure has begun. (The last adventure took 5 days)

The purpose of this post and other posts like this is to keep track of how many days have passed, as well as filling out my own “GM Only” section. I want to keep track of how many days pass during the campaign so people can do “Downtime Activities”. I will post a wiki link for house rules and guidelines for how downtime will work. A quick overview is that every adventure occurs one after another. The day a party returns from the field is when another leaves. This guarantees continuity, and allows players to craft, politic, or otherwise seek after their own goals.

We have a few options for resolving Downtime, we can resolve it in a play-by-post fashion where we can do some role play to play out scenes, or sometime before your characters next session, describe what you want to do, and I will message a result. I personally like the play-by-post. I can make a forum page to assist with that.



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