The Savage Lands

Field Report for 05/28/2017

Returning to the Citadel

Field Report
I, Narrakas Rassalis hereby report the following to be true to the extent of my understanding;

The group in question consisted of the following town members;
Narrakas Rassalis
Regina Loxley
Matilda “Tilly” Tosscobble
Tensen Ursari
Aegon Mellyl

It began mundanely enough, but a twist of fate brought our party into contact with a strange little creature named Meepo. He was an outcast and pitiful creature, but could secure our peaceful approach to the leader of his clan, Ysdarrel.
Ysdarrel was a shrewd and clever leader. She demanded that we return the White Dragon that they had lost to the goblins. I was loath to honor her requests, but was uncertain as to the size of her total clan. It was possible that they could overwhelm us and strike us down before we had a chance to react. I felt that recon would be better served alive than valor served dead.
We agreed to investigate but when we discovered that they had some goblin prisoners, a plan formulated within our party. While distracting Ysdarrel, we would release the goblins and allow them to do what came naturally to them.
Amid the chaos, my fellow party members were able to “acquire” some of Ysdarrels trophies, including a key that allowed us access to the locked Dragon door. We beat a hasty retreat in the confusion, securing closed the doors behind us.
Once we felt ourselves secure, a number of the party scouted ahead while I maintained a rear defensive position. The next few minutes are rather muddles, as there seemed to be a strong power trying to force us to leave the citadel, but we were able to persevere.
We found a strange chamber, with elven statues and a spiked pit blocking the way to a new chamber. Our rogues were clever folk indeed though, and found a back passageway into the chamber. We stumbled upon a poem of some sort, stating;
"Dragon priest buried alive for transgressions of the law, Still remains the honor of his position”
…or some such. Within the chamber across the spiked pit, we found a sarcophagus being protected by a strange little creature. It attempted to waylay us in our duties, but was dispatched.
Examining the sarcophagus, we found it was locked shut. In an attempt to gain answers, we unlatched it and looked inside. We were shocked to find a troll in priestly garments and he seemed none too happy to see us. We were able to force the lid closed and latched again, and felt that at this time, we had overstayed our welcome.
From there, we returned home. Nothing else to report.

Narrakas Rassalis




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