Welcome to the new home of West Marches! Due to unique naming reasons it will now be called The Savage Lands. This site is nearly tailor made for this style of game. I have moved the relevant information to this site so we no longer have to dig through 10 google doc pages to find what we need.

Please create your characters on the character screen and fill it out however you please. There is a drop down character sheet if you wish to store it here. If you wish to have character secrets or hidden aspirations, there is a secrets section that only you and I can see.

The wiki will be the new home of most of the Google Doc content I’ll make sure quick links are here as well as the wiki front page. I encourage you guys to create pages on interesting places/things you find. I will of course give some rewards for doing so.

Session planning will take place on the forum! The main page of the Wiki has instructions to do so.